Arlesey, Bedfordshire. SG15 6RS

Support your club by joining our February 2024 Working Parties

There’s a job for everyone and you will be fed and watered. Even if you can only spend a couple of hours, all help is greatly appreciated and it’s a great opportunity to catch-up with other club members. And our working parties help keep our membership fee low.

Our Sailing Committee has identified the following tasks:

  • Remove tall trees from lower dinghy park (private boats will need to be moved).
  • Complete the works on the foreshore with sleepers and paving slabs. (Some old sleepers are needed to terrace the clubhouse bank). 
  • Put bricks in pot holes on the track (if you have some old bricks you wish to deposit as you drive down the track) There will also be a Saturday in April or May when assistance will be needed to repair the track when the weather is dryer before the sailing season starts. 
  • Trim bushes from the water (long reach saw needed)
  • Remove tarpaulin from bank and clear debris. 
  • Spread a little gravel in lower boat prep area to reduce mud. (Not too much) and relocate grave to upper dinghy park leaving foreshore tidy.  
  • Make jetty non-slip.
  • Make and fit hold open stay for road gate and concrete in place, there’s a steel post by the garage but this will need reducing in height. 
  • Check club boats wheels & club boats generally look at RS Feva as a new sail maybe needed (take photos of damaged area). I think there’s a spare wheel in the garage. Please confirm if more are needed. 
  • Have a fire in the fire pit. 
  • Repair Garage doors with ply. (Peter Canfer)
  • Check and fix clubhouse gutter down pipe.  
  • Make new buoyancy aid signs for foreshore. 
  • Check lower dinghy park numbers are still attached.  
  • Rig the 3 club lasers with good kickers all the same, so can easily swap rigs. (Use parts of Mark Bowen’s laser in upper Dinghy park). 
  • Tidy sails in green container. 
  • Make soup and cake. 
  • Clean clubhouse.

Please let Gordon Stewart know if any parts or materials are needed in time to get things straight before the working parties are completed. And please bring associated tools to assist tasks.

Christine Bunning is also looking for volunteers over the three Sundays to help with catering.

If you have any questions you can contact both of them via WhatsApp.