Arlesey, Bedfordshire. SG15 6RS

Reassembly of the recently repaired club Argos by members

We use our club Argos to introduce newcomers and beginners to sailing. An experienced club member helms and novices operate the jib. Argos are great for families who are starting to sail as they comfortably fit four people. Being more stable, Argos allow beginners to progress to helming with an experienced member crewing and guiding them. SportEngland funded the purchase of our three Argos, but maintenance is ongoing with these well-used dinghies.

On Saturday 11th November 2023, Andrew Russell, Paul Rose, Chris Blade and Gordon Stewart spent the morning reassembling the Argos after they had been taken to manufacturer, Topper for major repairs. Thanks to all four volunteers for keeping our Argos shipshape!

Club members reassembling NHEBSC Argos