Arlesey, Bedfordshire. SG15 6RS

Where we are

A gated private track gives access to the lake and club house, and the gate is normally locked. Please contact us before visiting to ensure that arrangements are made for your access to the site.

If your visit is for an open event then access to the club will be open.  If you are visiting as potential new member or for any reason then please make arrangements with us in advance.

Directions from the gate are simply to follow the main track and ignore the junctions which fork from the direction ahead. If you are towing and intend to launch a boat then you need to take a right turn rather then climb the hill behind the club. You can obtain a reasonable view from the many maps and satellite images available. The location references are below along with some links. The OS map shows the track well until the last 100 metres around the club. The satellite photos show the track junction at the club with right fork down to foreshore and straight on to the upper car park (e.g. on go to SG15 6RS then follow the track South and East towards the lake).